A piano is one of the rare items that can be found in some private homes that are too valuable to be in every house with a high cost. Judging by flat household items, we find phrases that they also carry the piano in the ads of almost every transport company in recent days, which need to be done with more care and more rigor. Many write that as a formality. As for the implementation phase of the work, they understand that this job is not as simple as thought and victimize the owner of the goods. Or they're trying to carry it unconsciously without knowing the technique. In this way, pianos that are not carried by competent people who are experts in the work, furniture damage aside, casting chassis breaks, Wire breaks or even resonance board cracks are found. In this way in order to avoid serious problems, smoothly performs many transport, company and international standards serving, knowledgeable and experienced staff, Special Material Handling provides this service to their customers.


The piano is one of the musical instruments that is of great importance for its owner, not only financially, but also spiritually. It's a heavy musical instrument and very delicate. The smallest scratches, dents or similar events that will occur during the move will cause material and spiritual losses that will be difficult to return.

Aware of this, our company Çamoğlu international transportation knows that the most important element in piano transportation is attention, experience and trust with its expert staff. Taking into account these considerations while providing this service, the piano carries out the service.