Cash crates. Atm devices, power supplies, printing machines, hospital devices monten cross-section device similarly, the cost of items is very heavy and very sensitive according to the volume of mass items that do not have a place to hold a lot of care should be taken during transport. Since such items are often inside the building, it is not possible to transport them using construction machines in the form of forklifts or cranes, they can be transported based on manpower with various apparatus and materials using some techniques. It is very important that the human being who will create this work is very adequate, balanced and intelligent. In the case of possible accidents of such items, the result can be very serious. Our company is aware of this and carries out the work of carrying out undamaged and accident-free transportation by taking the necessary measures by taking as much care as possible with its trained elements and equipment.


At your request, our expert team will carry your piano, atm device power supply money safes and this type of volumetric small but heavy goods smoothly with special handling methods and materials.