We all make air cargo transportation from all cities of Turkey to all over the world at the fastest and most affordable price. 1 kilo in all emergency cargo shipments. Dam 1000. Kg a bigün is notified before the farthest region of the World 3 business days delivery of the goods you will send regardless of the nature, sample product, gift exhibition material, zati goods, more goods you can not carry with you on the plane we carry all of them. Especially UK Turkey - Turkey UK air cargo do not decide without consulting us.


Providing International Import - Export and home-to-home transportation services to every point of the world, our company mainly works in the countries of the United States, Europe, Asia, Middle East, Far East and South Africa, serving in the field of air cargo transportation to every point. We deliver to the most remote region of the world no later than 5 business days. We are at the service of our valued customers to serve you in your fastest, safest and most economical air cargo transportation shipments to every airport in the world.


Our air cargo service is in Ankara and Istanbul airports and we provide airport delivery or address delivery service to all parts of the world. In addition, the most convenient transportation of goods by air is carried out through our company. Our customers who work with us will never be disappointed, and the reward you pay us will not be wasted.