Free export (household goods, personal goods outgoing)

Free import (from household goods)

Entry and exit to free circulation (Import, Export)


Personal goods customs clearance consultancy

Exemption from customs duties

Private Warehouse (Fiktif)

Temporary Import

Returned Stuf


The most important factor shaping our customs services is the manpower equipped with training and knowledge. Thus, a seamless service can ensure the continuity of customer satisfaction; we can achieve continuous improvement by increasing our efficiency. For this reason our company meticulously demonstrated in the areas of transport and storage all transport Camoglu, with the principle of unconditional customer satisfaction, our company is international sea, air and Land Transport for your complete and partial as, in the interests of your company in accordance with the customs legislation provides customs clearance services at the highest level. Our company Camoglu international shipping, customs clearance, personal belongings, especially with our expert staff, customer satisfaction information and documents to the Competent Authority sends the necessary permissions and Customs Customs get shutdown or login, registration, identification and inspection operations as quickly as possible we do. You can find detailed information by calling our company about the documents required for customs clearance related to personal goods or other exports, imports.