In addition to international goods transportation, our goods storage service, which is one of the most important services of our company, is stored free of charge for the first 1 month from this service in case our customers need storage, where we carry domestic international goods. For later months, it is charged by pricing according to the volume of goods. In addition, for whatever reason, when you need a warehouse, we store your goods both safely and at an affordable price. Our goods warehouse is located in gölbaşı, Ankara, very close to the city center. Transportation is simple and you can always see our warehouse by appointment in advance. Our warehouse is not an old, damp, airless place in the basements of buildings in the form of some of them and is used only for storage of goods total indoor area is 1,250 m2. All entrances and exits are recorded with night vision cameras. In our warehouse, an alarm system is installed against theft, flooding, fire, and is also connected to the News Center online. Any intervention in our warehouse, except for the possible knowledge of our company, can be notified by the news center to the necessary security forces and the official of our company and taken immediate precautions. Our warehouse is sprayed every 4 months. In our warehouse, your goods are stored in such a way that they are not damaged by internal and external factors in a similar way that they cannot be moistened, pollinated, mildew, rot, insect. You can safely deliver your goods to our warehouse and continue your life in comfort without your eyes behind your back.


Those who go on a foreign mission can store their remaining belongings

Appointees with temporary duties within the country

Those moving to a smaller house

Repairs or renovations to the House

Those who have temporarily moved from the city where they are located

Those who want to store the accumulated documents of their companies

Those who want to keep their belongings, which they cannot assign, but take up space