By prioritizing the satisfaction of the buyer at the highest level in your costly or free exports and imports that you will make with the sea. Our company aims to provide service in European standards, (International House - to-house transport ) we provide container home goods transport services to all countries that are ports from the USA, Canada, UK, Sweden, Norway, Denmark to Turkey-from Turkey to these countries in our free personal and household goods transport, special personal goods, (household goods) we pack and pack. After we code it, we prepare a list of checks and load them into a container. (STUFFING) after the port operations are completed, we close customs, pay free OUT (FO) expenses at the port of varis, open Customs, and carry your goods to your address. (UNSTUFFING) we carry your belongings from the container to your home. We unpack it and assemble it. Smoothly and on time, we complete the transfer of your belongings.


We deliver from address to address if requested to port to all countries with ports other than the countries mentioned above. No matter where you go in the world, No matter where you come from in the world, do not decide on the company where you will deliver your goods without calling us to transport household goods abroad. For all countries by road, air or sea, we evaluate the most suitable, comfortable, high quality, Fast and affordable combination of transporting goods and price the most advantageous way of transporting them. If you evaluate the alternative, we will act and complete our work. Don't think about moving your things while we're around. Do not waste time trying to do this.