In order to determine the density, quality and quality of the goods to be transported a certain time before the date of transportation for foreign, domestic and urban transportation, an appointment is made from the owner of the goods within a day and time available. Our free company surveyor will be at our client's House during the designated days and hours. Items found in the house are identified, a list is made, the way and characteristics of moving are discussed, the services we will do are understood, the services we will do are explained, the commitments to be made are under contract in writing. If the date of the move is not clear, the date is left open. Then the contract is signed, provided that our customer (2-3 days in winter, 7-8 days in summer ) informs our company in advance, a copy of the contract is delivered to the owner of the goods.


Our vehicle arrives at the loading address with our experienced employees at the given time when the specified transport date arrives. Our employees who come to your home make a team work by making a program among themselves according to the list of items they have and the condition of the item. Each team has a team member at the head. According to the instruction of the responsible element, First packaging, disassembly of goods, packaging of disassembled goods is carried out. Then, under the control of our employee responsible for the team, the packed items are stacked in the transport vehicle and loaded. After the loading is finished, the transport insurance policy is delivered to the customer and the vehicle moves to its destination.


In intercity transport, the arrival time is determined by agreeing between the owner and the driver of the vehicle. The goal in this is not to keep each other waiting for nothing on either side of the destination. According to the condition of the house where the goods will be unloaded when the destination is reached, our expert staff makes a program. According to this program, items are transported home. All disassembled items are assembled, small items are removed from their packages, which items were taken from which room, according to which room they are placed in the appropriate environments. The house is made to sit.


Check for any missing casualties. If any, the owner of the property is immediately compensated without being victimized. If there is a job to be done at home by the employee responsible for the team, the owner of the item is asked. If necessary, it is done, or the goods are delivered completely and intact, if any, the complaint and satisfaction stating that the form is signed and delivered to our driver and our team leaves the house.